The slow, painful process towards the real
Or: How the f*** will I eat with Hank on the road?
Blizzards, blocked roads and Billie Eilish

February 2023

I fill these days with Other Things. The house is cleaner. Long-delayed chores are now done. I’ve painted a room. The perennial (losing) battle against…
I’m a big fan of gear reviews - both reading and writing them. I’m talking honest reviews here, and definitely not, “I took this out of the box five…

January 2023

Hunt waterfowl, eat great food, learn how to prep and cook ducks and geese
A tale in two videos: a hunt, and a recipe
Wrestling with change and being at peace with it
Failure in duck hunting comes from a combination of factors that you can and can't control. But when failure becomes a constant, it starts to feel…

December 2022

If you're a woman hunter or shooter, you've probably heard some condescending comments. I know I have. But were they intended as such?
Reading, recipes and research can only take you so far. Actually being in a place, and talking to locals, is what brings true understanding of a…

November 2022

A few times a year I team up with my friend Larry Robinson of Coastal Wings Outfitters to host what I call “culinary hunts,” long weekends where folks…